“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” -Eudora Welty

It all started with a disposable camera when I was eight. My parents took me on my first cruise, and I fell in love with the ability to freeze moments in time that I could hold onto forever. With each click of my camera, I grew more in love with catching unforgettable moments – my family sharing stories and laughing at dinner, my sisters twirling in sparkly dresses on formal night, the breathtaking colors of Catalina Island. As technology evolved, so did my love for photography. When I was thirteen, I got my first digital camera. Every weekend glistened with the opportunity of a new photo shoot. I was still hooked. 

Fast forward to today, and my passion persists. In fact, it’s extended beyond snapping photos of my own life. I’ve found freedom in capturing others’ in their most candid, poignant, and exciting moments. The soft silhouette of your wedding gown. His gaze as you walk down the aisle. Your daughter’s precious, toothy grin on her first birthday. It’s those moments – the milliseconds that matter – that I’d love to capture for your family as a reminder of days past and adventures to come.


♥Gianna Joy